A lot of this is crazy conjecture, but if you tie all the pieces together correctly, it would appear that Square Enix is hiring for Final Fantasy XVI. It makes sense too since the game Final Fantasy XV already closing in on a year old and the DLC plan can only last for so long.

If nothing else, at least the timing is right!

The whole rumor comes from an anonymous company uploading a 2D artist job posting on ECareerFA. The shadow of anonymity falls apart once you start to pick away at the description of the company and the job's details. The hired person will ideally contribute his or her talents to a "certain RPG's numbered title," working on creating towns, fields, weapons, the whole shebang. The game is currently early in production, possibly in the concept phase or even pre-production if the art is already being drawn.

The company is self-credited as being responsible for "huge RPGs" and online games, and its products are described as "high-quality games with unique worldviews" that lead to "a large number of million-sellers." The company has business within Taito Station arcades, owned by Square Enix, and, the biggest hint of them all, its headquarters is located "one minute from Higashi-Shinjuku station of the Oedo Line and Fukutoshin line," "eight minutes from the main Shinjuku Station," and "eight minutes from the Shunjuku Sanchome station of the Marunouchi and Fukutoshin line."

In other words, Square Enix has headquarters on that exact spot.

Final Fantasy XVI, so soon?!

Oh boy. Already? Sure, why not?! It's not like Square Enix is super busy these days anyway… oh wait. Yes, it is.

Well, Final Fantasy XV won't last forever, and Final Fantasy XIV will require fewer resources as time goes on. Final Fantasy VII Remake… it might truly exist somewhere in someone's imagination, but I would rather much see a new game in the series now that it has found serious footing for the first time in a decade or so. If it's still early in development, we're due for a deluge of information and hints over the coming years!

How exciting! Can't wait to see if this leads anywhere, especially knowing that Square Enix hinged the future of the series on Final Fantasy XV'success.