Square Enix has released a Final Fantasy XV trailer that finally focuses on something other than its action or its characters. To make this realm more believable, the developers poured plenty of resources into not only making massive urban fantasy cities but also the countryside and the fauna which inhabit it.

Much like the rest of Final Fantasy XV, which is stooped in a strange "almost reality," many of these animals will look familiar at first glance with the beasts of our own Earth. Second glances will show a definite difference. We have giraffes with massive antlers, alligators with fins, elephants with spikes, wolves with shark faces, herds of pronghorn deer, and adorable boar with unrealistic tusks.

Not all have that additional touch of fantasy to them, though. That American bald eagle and the slithering lizards look enough like the real deal.

And of course, we have the classic Final Fantasy beasts roaming and causing all kinds of havoc. Black chocobos and behemoths are most recognizable, but I suppose that goblins count as pesky wildlife in this game rather than civilized inhabitants.

It's a refreshing trailer which makes me want to get out and explore rather than focus on the conflict at hand. I'm going to take forever to beat this game, aren't I? It's Final Fantasy XII all over again.

Final Fantasy XV will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No release date has been set yet.