Some VR experiences are big, while others are very specific. Last night, checked out one of the latter: Final Fantasy XV in VR, or as I like to call it, FFXVR.

It’s not clear how the experience will fit into the full game yet or even if it’ll fit into the full game, but it’s definitely a new way to experience Final Fantasy. It’s not one I would’ve ever imagined while playing Final Fantasy VI, that much I’m sure of.

In FFXVR, you step into the shoes (and fingerless gloves) of Prompto, one of the members of Noctis’ party. While Noctis wields a large sword, Prompto prefers a ranged engagement and takes to battle with a revolver. This makes an easy match for VR.

As Prompto, you’ll pick up one of the PlayStation Move controllers and use that as the revolver. Movement is simple and straight forward. Using one of the buttons, you can teleport around the battlefield just like the other characters already do, finding new places on the battlefield to take aim from. At one point I did manage to accidentally teleport myself out of the battle area and that knocked me out of the battle for longer than I would’ve liked, but I think it’ll be something I get used to as I play it more.

The shooting itself is fast and accurate, and using the revolver to interrupt attacks in real time felt really good. The game does let you shoot just a fast as you can hit the trigger, so it’s easy to get tired fast, and I’m hoping there will be some more complex mechanics to mix things up and add some variety to the proceedings.

Once the battle ended, I was teleported to a moving car being driven by Cid, the team’s mechanic. The experience here was simple, but I was able to look around the car, looking behind me at the scenery and checking out the driver and passenger mirrors as well as the details inside the vehicle.

What I’d really like to see is for two people be able to play Final Fantasy XV at once, one in a VR headset and one with a controller and traditional display, taking on enemies together. I don’t know if that’s coming, but it’d give the VR experience, which is cool but pretty narrow, a greater purpose in the main game.

We’ll know more as we get close to the game’s September 30 release date, when it’s currently slated to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.