The latest trailer for Final Fantasy XV is waiting to greet players when they come to the end of the most recent “Judgement Disc” demo. While it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting this demo through the North American PlayStation Store, those who have seen it graciously uploaded it to the Internet for the rest of the world.

It starts off with Noctis and Lunafreya as kids making kiddy promises while petting a dog and dancing perilously close to the edge of the uncanny valley. Oh, how creepy! From there, many characters monologue as the tension slowly escalates into an explosive ending. You’ll need to understand Japanese to get everything, but I would actually caution against seeking out too much.

These lines seem a bit more spoilerific than usual. Looks like Square Enix is struggling to keep in its excitement at this point.

Two weeks until Final Fantasy XV launches

My blood is boiling and my food tastes different all of a sudden. I haven’t been this excited for a Final Fantasy game in a decade, and I’m hoping beyond hope that it lives up to expectations. My initial revulsion to the characters and the battle system have all since been quelled, and I am on board with the game that Square Enix has made.

All that remains is for me to finally play it! I’ll get the chance to Nov. 29 when it launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.