To say I am excited for Final Fantasy XV is a bit of an understatement. I’ve followed the series for many years, and despite the love/hate relationship I share with it now, I am ready to move past it.

Some disagree, but Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV have put the series in a bit of a lull, and it really needs a masterpiece to shake things up. I’d even go back so far as Final Fantasy XI for this streak of “meh.” The series seems to have this “all or nothing” effect on people, as when it doesn’t completely suck you in, then it’s just not worth your time.

There never seems to be a Final Fantasy that was “just okay.”

Anyways, If Tetsuya Nomura and the internal development team at Square Enix can’t put together the greatest game on Earth after six years of waiting, then there really is no hope for this relationship to work out after all.

I am hopeful. Being a fan for as long as I have, the lulls have come and gone before in the past. I was not a fan of Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy IX when they came out, and just as I had lost hope after seeing its trailers, Final Fantasy X came and knocked my socks off.

Square Enix will recapture that moment, and Final Fantasy XV is the game to do it.

On the contrary to our previous reports, it will not be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Square Enix announced this week at its press conference that the game will be making its way to Xbox One through Direct X 11.

Final Fantasy XV will bring the series into the next-generation when it launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The trailer can be seen i on Youtube, and check out our gallery below for more amazing images.