Final Fantasy XV launched globally this past Tuesday. The game, more than a decade in the making, was easily the most-hyped JRPG of 2016 and one of the most exciting games in general, to boot.

All of that time, franchise notoriety and waiting has led to some supremely impressive sales results. Square Enix announced that the game is officially the fastest selling Final Fantasy in the franchise’s history.

The official Japanese news release says that 5 million copies were moved, but it doesn’t stipulate whether they were shipped to stores or sold through to consumers.

Final Fantasy XV is selling on strong reviews and promise

While our own Final Fantasy expert Ron Duwell is working on his review, the general critical consensus for Final Fantasy XV is strong. It arrives with issues here and there, but the game is great as an overall package.

Combine that with the marketing promise that this game will marry old fans with completely new ones, and you have a recipe for strong sales over both demographics.

I’m playing through the game currently, too, and I’m enjoying it.