The bromance of Final Fantasy XV just got a whole lot more intimate with a new English dubbed version of the TGS 2014 trailer. No new footage or anything like that, but we finally get to hear the voices of our party of bronies while they tour the countryside in their slick black ride.

Quite nice, actually. Dubbing has really improved over the years in Japanese games, but even since Final Fantasy X, the franchise has never had a problem finding great actors to fill the rolls of its characters. We've all heard the jokes of how Final Fantasy XV's main line-up is totally populated with dude-bros, and it's true, but at least they are dude-bros who can act.

I am still very excited for Final Fantasy XV, but a few reservations have crawled into my mind recently, mostly because of my experience with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Games with a huge focus on both an epic, linear story and a massive free-roaming world have yet to nail that perfect balance where the two can properly spin off one another. I liked Final Fantasy XII a lot, but this problem lingered with it as well.

We'll just have to wait and see if Final Fantasy XV is the one that gets it right. It will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with no set date as of yet.