I feel like I’m saying this a lot recently, but once again, Final Fantasy XV is showing up at yet another convention to come, see, and conquer before finally being released this November.

Looks like I forgot how many conventions there are this time of year. However, this is Tokyo Game Show, the same convention where two years ago the game rebranded itself and stole the show with a new director, new direction, and a drop dead gorgeous trailer that convinced the world this game could become the real deal.

No longer would it be held back by its laughing stock Final Fantasy XIII connections. At last, Final Fantasy is getting back on its feet.

I can’t think of a better convention to make a grand final appearance than Tokyo Game Show, but this year’s trailer is much more low key. Rather than the scale of its world, this one focuses on the drama of the characters, showing several of them giving speeches while the main Final Fantasy theme plays in the background.

Nothing too flashy, but that theme makes all the difference in the world. I have no idea why the series ever abandoned it, but I’m so glad its back.

Likewise, I’m so glad the series is back too. I can’t wait to finally play this game.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on Nov. 29 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.