Square Enix wants to drag out Final Fantasy XV as long as it can now that the game is a critical darling, and it would like to let its fans determine where it goes next. The three major DLC stories planned for each of Noctis’ party members are all that Square Enix currently has on the books, but there’s still so much more that can be done with this fascinatingly weird game.

There is still steam left to burn, and the company only wants to make everyone happy! A survey found in the recent update provides a host of options on what Square Enix is thinking. It only requests that you prioritize them.

I think Playable Character: Car is the way to go!

We’ve controlled everything from a fiery lion to a stuffed cat to an entire cast of soulless manikins, but we’ve never actually controlled a car in a Final Fantasy. At least, that’s what it sounds like Square Enix is pitching, and given that Final Fantasy XV is the “throw it to the wall and see what sticks” entry in the series, I say we go for it!

#PlayableCharacterCar! Someone make this happen.

Hard difficulty, a wider range of magic, and maybe more information on Ifrit and how the Gods relate behind the scenes of this world would all be sweet, too. Notice that there is no option for a PC build though.