The biggest and baddest boss fight in Final Fantasy XV has already been toppled by those plowing through at top speeds. The Adamantoise turtle, famous from the Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer, provides quite a hurdle for gamers to overcome, but does it live up to the expectations set by early reports?

Adamantoise was first tackled by Conan O’Brien two weeks ago when he played it on his Clueless Gamer segment. Guest star Elijah Wood made a claim that the Adamantoise took a staggering 72 hours to beat in real time. Now, we were quite certain that this was an exaggeration from the get go, but some out there took his statement a little too seriously.

When asked by fans, Director Hajime Tabata only claimed that the boss fight was originally supposed to take up to 15 hours, but he would not speculate how long it actually took. Remember, this is Square Enix, the company that made a boss fight last 18 hours in Final Fantasy XI. Surely, they would do it again in Final Fantasy XV.

YouTube user PowerPyx took the challenge and came up with a much different result. Possible spoilers below.

Nope, even when fighting below the level 99 requirement, PowerPyx was able to beat the Adamantoise in under an hour. Still, that is an awfully long boss fight by normal standards and a lot of focus spent on a single monster. They don’t call them “super bosses” for just any reason!

I’m getting Emerald Weapon flashbacks!

Someone make them stop! Too many deaths, too many lives lost. I’ve fought countless Final Fantasy super bosses over the years, everything from Ruby and Emerald Weapon to Culex from Super Mario RPG. He’s actually a Final Fantasy boss lost in the wrong game, so it counts!

The series has a long history of tempting ambitious gamers with the call of these beasts, and we all knew Final Fantasy XV would have one, just not as tough as some were expecting.