You know, I've been dying to use the words "Final Fantasy XV" and "launch trailer" together in a headline for a very long time. And the day has finally come.

Final Fantasy XV now has a launch trailer, and it is glorious. Actually, "ridiculous" is a much better word for what you're about to see. Square Enix is celebrating the completion of its long development phase with a live-action affair that stars four boys hunting a classic Iron Giant monster in the woods. Square Enix is clearly going for the nostalgia Goonies route with these kids.

"Stand By Me" blasts away in the background as their Home Alone traps go horribly awry, enraging the towering beast.

And then, like the fricken Avengers themselves, Noctis and friends swarm into the woods and battle the abominable beast away to save the boys. You never clearly see their faces, but you know it's them.

A little too cool for thesebrodies

I mean, Noctis and his buddies are cool, but this intro is something you might expect from Batman, Aragorn, Clint Eastwood, or an established hero of geekdom. Cloud Strife for example! We've got quite a while before these guys are worthy of an intro this cool. Not saying they'll never get there because they might, but I think this is a bit early in their careers to sell them this big.

If their legend lingers around for years and years, Square Enix can look back and say "Told you so!" Then I'll have to eat my own words.

Doesn't matter, because I would be happy to in this situation. Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.