The latest Final Fantasy XV trailer is not so much about the game itself, but rather, it's about the entire series and its lasting legacy on those who play video games. Square Enix asked both fans and staff members alike to sit down in front of a camera and describe how the series has affected them over the years.

The video doesn't stop there either, also asking developers like BioShock's Ken Levine about how the series influenced them. With nearly 30 years under its belt, the series' influence can be found in everything from Gears of War, whose setting was influenced by Final Fantasy VII, to Final Fantasy XV itself. Some fans are ready to toss this newest game aside because it's different from the other games, but those that do will miss out on the next important chapter in this long franchise and how it ties everything together.

Those who have worked on it and played it are already claiming that this could be the one to bring in a new generation of fans. I wonder if any game will be able to match the gargantuan success of Final Fantasy VII ever again, and I really hope the series can hit that lightning-in-a-bottle moment once again in its lifetime.

Can you relate with your own Final Fantasy history?

Right off the bat, a fan admits that without Final Fantasy, he wouldn't be the person he is today. I can relate and say the same thing, Final Fantasy opened up so many branches of in my life, introducing me to an entire genre of video games, helping me realize the differences between Western and Japanese storytelling, and basically giving me the passion to head down my current career path.

It's funny that my love of Final Fantasy stemmed from me looking for an outlet to feed my early-teen Lord of the Rings fandom, and if I had waited a few years to seek that outlet through Baldur's Gate or another Western fantasy game, I might have ended up being a very different kind of nerd.

Who knows? It's the subtle things in life, but I can say that without Final Fantasy, many of my decisions would have been very different. Plus, I would probably be a doctor or an engineer by now since I wouldn't have sunk so many hours of my study time into romping around with Terra, Cloud, Tidus, and friends.

I hope Noctis and crew have the same effect on me that the other games have had. Final Fantasy XV launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.