Final Fantasy XV keeps getting bigger and bigger, even if sales have started to slow down. Square Enix confirmed in a press release that the game has sold over 6 million copies worldwide through both digital and physical retailers.

The game started off as the fastest-selling game in the franchise with 5 million copies on the first day alone, but it took a month and a half to hit the next million unit waypoint. DLC, the inevitable “Definitive Edition” version, and PC release will help give it the legs it needs to succeed even further.

Final Fantasy XV provides additional content and associated products to expand and enhance players’ experiences, starting with the free game update, Holiday Pack (Free Version) and premium Holiday Pack+ DLC which are now available for download. Those who download the Holiday Pack (Free Version) or Holiday Pack+ will also gain access to the “Moogle Chocobo Carnival,” a special in-game event that brings an exciting festival to the whole city of Altissia, starting on Tuesday, January 24th for a limited time.

To allow players a deeper enjoyment of Final Fantasy XV, regular updates enhancing the main game will be coming soon, such as premium DLC content that will provide players additional gameplay experiences.

For comparison sake, Final Fantasy XIII stands at roughly 7.5 million after six years on the market and its own PC re-release. The best-selling game in the series is still Final Fantasy VII, which hovers above the 11 million mark.

Final Fantasy XV is doing just fine

6 million copies over a month and a half is impressive for any AAA game nowadays. It’s no Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, but seeing how the JRPG doesn’t demand nearly as much respect from a wider audience like it did back in the late 90s and early 2000s, I’m sure Square Enix is happy to see it perform at its current rate.

It might not become the best-selling game in its franchise, but it doesn’t have to be. Final Fantasy XV did its job of making the series relevant again, and, hopefully, Square Enix has the drive to build on this new foundation.