Here’s a major problem for owners of some TVs made prior to 2011. Final Fantasy XV‘s picture is apparently being oversampled, zoomed in on and cut off on these older TVs.

What’s happening? As these televisions are oversampling the image just a hair, text and UI elements within Final Fantasy XV are actually being cut off. The issue is all over forums as owners with aging televisions report the problem that Square Enix (and reviewers, it seems like) never noticed.

Destructoid has a great write-up on the issue that you can read by hitting the source link below. In that, they produced this visualization to show the world what affected users are seeing. They not that they oversampling isn’t this bad in all cases.


Square Enix knows about the issue, and they’re working on a patch

The bad news? That patch from Square Enix likely won’t be out too soon. The company made this fact known in an email to a customer complaining about the issue. Here’s the bulk of their response.

We apologize for the trouble and inconvenience you have been experiencing. There has been reported issues similar to this concern and we are glad to inform you there should be a patch incoming later this month that resolves the issue. Please be sure to be connected online as the patch/update will begin by itself once it’s available. If you run into any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to report it on the official FINAL FANTASY XV Forums.

Adjusting the zoom on the PlayStation 4’s system settings supposedly works for some, so you can try that. Some TVs see resolution when set to 1080i instead of 1080p, so enjoy that sweet interlaced feeling.

I haven’t experienced this issue. Have you?

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