Final Fantasy XV is still one of the most marvelous video games of the last decade. While its quality is questionable in some places, namely the entire last third, none can second guess the heart and soul Square Enix poured in to salvage it and turn it into something that resembles a final product.

Somehow, in spite of the decade-long trainwreck of a development phase this game went through, Square Enix and its team led by Hajime Tabata dug out a touching story, a ridiculous if not deep battle system, a beautiful world to explore, and most importantly, genuinely likeable and empathetic characters. None of us had any idea how much we would treasure our time spent with Noctis and his friends, but their bonds and friendship went down as some of the most bromantic in video gaming history.

But let’s not dance around the issue. Final Fantasy XV is still a cobbled, joyous mess of a video game with an unheralded amount of ideas loosely stitched together, and as if the basic package wasn’t enough to drive us to the brink of insanity, Square Enix piled on the DLC to make it an even more illogical, jumbled, pile of nonsensical fun.

With the Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, you can finally get the complete experience all in a single package. All journeys have to have an end, and if this is indeed the last we’re seeing of Final Fantasy XV, I will happily pick this physical edition up and put it on my Final Fantasy shelf

In addition to the main game, the bundle also includes:

  • A brand new dungeon in the Insomnia City ruins
  • First person mode because… just because
  • New boss battles
  • New weapons, gear, and armor
  • A brand new Armiger Unleashed mode, which unlocks Noctis’ true potential once all 13 pieces are collected
  • Full control over the Royal Vessel, meaning that all water is explorable and accessible now
  • Each of the DLC chapters – Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades, and Episode Ignis.
  • Other small bits of DLC like car paint

That’s everything except the VR fishing! Those who already own Final Fantasy XV can upgrade to get all the content for just $19.99, but I’m not doing that. This is a physical or bust purchase for me. I love Final Fantasy XV, and I want to encapsulate it in something tangible. Thanks for the memories, Square Enix.

You can find this released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 6. In fact, the only way this could be made any better is with a Switch release…