Square Enix dropped a whole slew of information and a progress report on Final Fantasy XV at PAX over the weekend. The company has been criticized for its lack of updates on the highly-anticipated title with many feeling that development has hit struggles once again. To counter, Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be seeing a 2016 release, but the exact date is not yet known.

Square Enix says that the date will be revealed in March.

In addition to this release date for the release date, Square Enix also dropped a new progress report showing off enemy animations, exploration methods, further concept art, and finally some driving gameplay. Many already know that our party cruises around in a slick, black car, but we have yet to see or experience any control over the vehicle. This four minute video below shows off what its finally like to drive Nauctis’ “sweet ride, bro.”

Further concept art confirms that longtime summon monster Leviathan will be in the game and that this latest incarnation is a female. Eidolons, as summon monsters are referred to for the third time in the main series after Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy XIII, will play a much more vital role in the game’s plot.

Unlike previous Final Fantasy games,Eidolons in Final Fantasy XV have their own personalities, are smart, and play a “vital role” in the story. The Leviathan pictured here is female is connected to Altissia in some way.

This artwork depicts how the world of Final Fantasy XV came to be. The old fatherly figured pictured on the right side of the screen is Ramuh. He and other Eidolons are involved in the creation of the game’s world. While the artwork may look very western, Tabata notes that all the concepts that are included have a “very Japanese background.”

Relax, Final Fantasy XV will be released before too long, and we’ll all enjoy it. Expect more solid information in March 2016. Before then, we might see a few more leaks here and there.