We’ve seen small bits and pieces of Final Fantasy XV, but hardly anything substantial since the release of the “Episode Duscae” demo. If you need a window for new information, Square Enix plans to show off “the real XV” this coming March, and at the same time, it will also be confirming the game’s release date.

The announcement comes from Director Hajime Tabata, who is closing out a project that has been nearly a decade in the making.

This year is the year we’ll release Final Fantasy XV. Currently, we’ve decided on all of its specifications and the beta version is under production so we can shift into the debug phase. We’ll show the real XV during the release date announcement this March.

Tabata also claims that the game will not be an entirely open-world experience, saying that Final Fantasy XV will try to blend the best of what both open and linear games have to offer.

As you travel through each region, you’ll see different kinds of enemies and will take different paths that make you do unique things in each one of them. As you move through each region, the options for character growth and the different skills will start branching out as well.

“Each region will move the journey forward. How the story is handled, it’s not 100 percent pure open-world, but it’s also not a pull along the rails kind of story. It’s very much a hybrid of those two styles, which I think is the best of both of them.”

Good. That sounds a lot more like traditional Final Fantasy games than it does The Witcher, Fallout, and the rest of the open-world crowd. We need something big to shake up world design, and some limitations are also preferred for a game that has a strong story to tell. The linear motion of the game should help the drama flow properly.

More on Final Fantasy XV in March when we’ll have its 2016 release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.