The week of reckoning is finally upon us. Final Fantasy XV launches tomorrow, on Nov. 29, and the world finally gets to play this game 10 years in the making. North American has its own marketing blitz, but in Japan, fans and geeks alike are prepping themselves for a stellar experience thanks to Square Enix’s barrage of trailers and TV spots.

The latest is called “Release at Last,” a subtle acknowledgment from Square Enix that this game did indeed take 10 long years to make!

That Final Fantasy theme song has never sounded so good

I sometimes find it really shocking that, unlike Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda, some fans have a hard time placing the theme playing in the background as the franchise’s central song. Each individual Final Fantasy game is more associated with its own score, and many actually confuse the iconic Prelude arpeggio as the franchise’s central tune since it is used in more games. The franchise’s two best-selling entries, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, don’t use it either!

I applaud Square Enix for placing this theme song front and center so much in this marketing push. It hasn’t been used so openly since maybe the days of the Super Nintendo, which means Square Enix is doing its job attracting its older players alongside all the new ones.

Final Fantasy XV will be released tomorrow, Nov. 29, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.