You can have whatever opinions you want about the quality of Final Fantasy XV, none can debate that it’s the not most outlandish and gutsiest major release over the last ten years. With the basic package, we were given a janky game that is far weirder than it is good, and yet, it still managed to resonate through its murky and rushed creative decisions.

The first DLC expansion, which starred strong man Gladiolus, was met with middling reception since it felt a little safe and dull for a game of such absurd reputation. Square Enix, looking to quell these complaints, is now turning to Prompto’s DLC pack for the craziest use of Final Fantasy XV yet!

Prompto goes full-on Inception here, Bazookas, snowmobiles, sniper rifles, third-person shooting, Magitek armor, Behemoths, daddy issues, and of course, Prompto’s call to fame: selfies!

Just… Final Fantasy XV, you do your thing.

Can Persona 5 do this?

I’ve seen a festering rivalry between the Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5 crowd, and while I’m not prepared or even going to join either one of them, I still have some observations to make. The general consensus is that Persona 5 is a much better video game. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t played it yet.

However, the Final Fantasy XV crowd stands by its game because it is unapologetic in its wackiness, and despite Persona 5’s incredibly liberal interpretation of the series’ lore, even it can’t stand up to the likes of this.

Seems like a fun balance to me. I only wish I had 90 hours to see if it were all true.

Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto DLC will launch June 27 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.