Square Enix has made it abundantly clear that it has no plans to bring Final Fantasy XV to the PC. This is in spite of every other game in the franchise appearing on Steam over the last year, mind you. Nope, never gonna happen. No way! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

I’m sure not a soul on Earth believes that anymore, and the latest hint of a Steam version comes to us straight from the official website. NeoGAF users have scoured the JavaScript in the game’s official website, and what have they turned up besides a nice little tidbit that makes full references to a Steam Store listing and a Windows 10 SKU.

Don’t bother looking now. Square Enix has removed it, but, as we all know, the Internet never forgets.

Final Fantasy XV PC leak (1)Final Fantasy XV PC leak (2)

Of course, this proves nothing. Others point out that the code is nearly identical to Rise of the Tomb Raider’s official site, and the site designers might have just copied and pasted, forgetting to remove the PC comments. In that case, we’ve merely found out an employee cut corners on the job instead of a major publisher covering up a PC port for contractual reasons.

Either way, it would be naive to think that Final Fantasy XV is not coming to the PC at some point. For now, we await the game’s launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One some time in 2016. Expect an official release date on March 30.