Final Fantasy XV is a bonafide hit on the consoles, but unlike every other game in the expansive series, Square Enix has yet to commit itself to bringing it to the PC platform. This doesn’t mean that people in power don’t want it to happen, though. On the contrary, Director Hajime Tabata would love to do it.

Tabata recently spoke with Famitsu during the magazine’s recent heavy coverage of the series, and he expressed joy that his game is performing better around the world than he and Square Enix anticipated.

He also called to attention the demand for a PC port, saying that he would love to do it if it could run optimally on “high-end” computers. The technical challenge of bringing the game to the PC and the ability to see what fans could create through the modding scene are his biggest motivations for one day seeing it get done.

What would you mod into Final Fantasy XV?

Obviously, the biggest opportunities for modding Final Fantasy XV would be tearing down the invisible walls and opening up the vast continents that Square Enix never got around to using. We know they are there, thanks to glitches, but all that unused space could really be put to good use.

If we’re getting gimmicky, I’d love to see other past Final Fantasy characters modded into teammates. Everyone from superstars like Cloud to goofy, gimmicky characters like Umaro. No man or yeti left behind!