As previously confirmed by Square Enix, Moogles will appear in Final Fantasy XV as dolls that provide bonuses for your team in a pinch. Actually, that’s the gentle way to put it.

If we’re blunt about it, these dolls act as a brilliant decoy in the heat of battle. Noctis and friends toss them in the middle of a battlefield, and while enemies load them with bullet holes, the party can either escape or take the upper hand amidst the chaos.

Just watch as it flaps around with those rag doll physics. Oh, the humanity!!!

Another use casts the Moogle as a trap, causing monsters to flock upon it at a single point, and while they chew its limbs off, Noctis can bombard them with AoE magic attacks!

Now we know why the Moogle went extinct

How horrifying! To see Final Fantasy’s cutest and most iconic critter smacked around and torn to bits like that! No respect at all! Oh well, if I was Noctis, I would probably do the same thing with my teddy bear as well if it was the difference between life and death.

Final Fantasy XV launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.