Footage from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV has made it out from Paris Games Week, and Square Enix commented on how large the game is by saying, “the map is very wide, so you’d better be ready.”

The demo shown off was a special version with monsters and quests turned off, giving players the chance to experience the vast size of the map. Even this limited version of the Duscae region, the one which will be available in a pack-in demo with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, takes an hour to cross from one side to the next. Mountains, roads, towns, cabins, lakes, and even pit-stop gas stations, Final Fantasy XV feels like a massive world with an epic scope that puts its previous open-world entries  to shame.

Square Enix also commented that this segment is only a tenth of the game.

Despite the vast size, fans were a little taken aback by the running time being only 40 hours, a standard running time for most Final Fantasy games. Square Enix retorted that this would only be the main storyline, and completing everything else will take much longer. The graphics too were given particular praise for exceeding the standards set by Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and these are in-engine graphics we are talking about here.

The footage in the video above starts at 33:24.

Final Fantasy XV is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and Square Enix has stated it will optimize the game on both consoles. You’ll be able to play it for the first time on March 17 when the pack in demo launches with both the physical and retail version of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.