Some retail shops around the world broke the street date for Final Fantasy XV. Fans purchased copies, sure, but some went as far as streaming their playtime online.

Final Fantasy XV isn’t due to launch until November 29. You’ll need to read the internet carefully, though, as the ending has leaked already.

The source link below is filled with spoilers. Do not click it if you don’t want to be spoiled. Just know that one gamer streamed the ending, once in Japanese and once in English. The link goes to a Reddit thread with a summary of the game’s finale.

Tread the internet carefully, Final Fantasy fans

It might be smart to avoid comment sections and risky clicks for a while if you love Final Fantasy. This game has been in development for practically forever, and a lot of trolls would get great jollies from spoiling the ending.

While I’m excited for Final Fantasy, I don’t live and die by the franchise. Reading about the ending was okay for me. Were this, say, Red Dead 2? I’d lose my mind.

Good luck, readers.