Final Fantasy XV has brand new trailer from Jump Festa this past weekend, and with it comes a whole new batch of details regarding the highly anticipated JRPG.

First we have the most noticeable new addition, the introduction of this Final Fantasy‘s “Cid.” Long time fans know that each game in the series has a character who is named Cid, and most of this time, this man is an engineer or a mechanic, usually one with a fascination for airships. Naturally, this means that Final Fantasy XV is home to a Cid as well, but she is no man!

Final Fantasy XV’s is a green-eyed woman who goes by the name “Cindy” or “Cidney.” Fans are debating which she is saying in the trailer. I like “Cidney” because it fits better, but I am hearing “Cindy.”

Either way, it’s a fun twist on the tradition. She certainly fits the bill as she describes herself as a mechanic, and she has the whole “goggles” and “engineer cap” thing going on. Despite her “golly gee” southern belle accent though, I really hope she has the mouth of a sailor like Final Fantasy VII‘s Cid Highwind. That would be terrific.

Cid Highwind

The trailer also shows off a few summon monsters like Bahamut and an absolutely gargantuan Titan, who will be playing a big part in the story. You’ll have to defeat summon monsters in battle before you can use them, similar to more classic Final Fantasy games. Speaking of which, we are also given a bit more context as to why our party of bros has hit the road. They appear to be fugitives on the run after peace talks break down between two warring kingdoms.

Beyond that, we get some gorgeous flashes of combat and town exploration. Final Fantasy XV also has a dog that will play a huge role in the game. The only thing that really is bothering me is the lip-synching, which is not the best in this English trailer. Plenty of time to work that out in the coming year.

Final Fantasy XV has no release date yet, but a playable demo will be available if you purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on Mar. 17. It will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.