Nobody, and I mean nobody, knows how to crank out demos like Square Enix. Dating all the way back to demo discs on the original PlayStation, the company has excelled at selling its games through brief trials, and each demo feels like an event in and of itself!

Final Fantasy XV keeps that sentiment strong to this very day, and once again, we have another demo for Final Fantasy XV with less than three weeks until the game is released. This latest demo, called “Judgement Disc,” is only available in Japan at the moment and can be downloaded through the Japanese PlayStation Store and Xbox One marketplaces.

No word if this latest demo will come to America, but I would suggest keeping next Tuesday open if you own a PlayStation 4. Square Enix has yet to confirm anything at the moment.

Final Fantasy XV demos have gotten better with each one

Does anybody really need a third demo to make their decision? Well, in Final Fantasy XV’s case, it may be so. The first one, “Episode Duscae,” was a mixed bagged, loaded with great ideas but suffering from poor performance. Final Fantasy XV‘s second demo, “Platinum Demo,” showed a lot of improvement in the performance, but it was more of a strange and surreal take on the game.

Hopefully, this final demo gives us the most honest and up to date look at what the game actually looks and plays like. I’ve been sold since I first laid eyes on it, of course, but many out there who need a final push over the hurdle could use something that shows off the true brilliance of the game.

Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29. Again, no word if Square Enix plans to release this demo in North America, but my guess is that it will now that the public sees it in Japan.