Final Fantasy XV racked up more results from The NPD Group, which reports that the game enjoyed a very successful December. As we learned shortly after it sold 5 million copies on day one, the game now owns the biggest launch that the franchise has ever seen, and its figures improved into the new year.

According to the NPD reports for December, Final Fantasy XV was the best-selling game on the PlayStation 4 for the entire month, and it was the second best-selling game overall. Square Enix’s own reports put the game at 6 million copies, meaning it sold roughly one million copies over the rest of the month.

Now… where’s the PC version of Final Fantasy XV?

Now that the game is both a financial and critical hit, skipping out on a PC version would be unthinkable. Square Enix needs to deliver on the DLC and other content to help expand Final Fantasy XV and fix its inadequacies, but with the power of a full blown PC version, with everything from mod support to the most powerful specs available, it would be the game’s definitive version.

And it would sell well through Steam sales, of course.

Now, all we have to do is wait.