Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata is back at doing what he does best: dropping bits and pieces of information on what he has in his highly anticipated game. He gave a speech at Tokyo Game Show 2015, introducing fans to fishing and Chocobos, and now the director is back in the latest issue of Famitsu, spewing out more information. translated by Siliconera.

One of the most telling bits of information is the tunes you’ll be able to listen to while driving in the car. Tabata originally wanted to allow for custom soundtracks to be played, however, due to European copyright laws, this was overruled. Japan and North America are apparently less strict, in his words, when it comes to such ideas, but Europe is holding everyone else back. Thanks a lot, guys!

As an alternate, Square Enix will be including a driving soundtrack with tunes from older Final Fantasy games. As an example, Tabata agreed with fans that he wanted an arrangement of the main Final Fantasy theme composed by Yoko Shimamura of Kingdom Hearts and Parasite Eve fame. I couldn’t agree more as she’s one of the best in the business.

As mentioned before, Chocobos are indeed coming back, but Tabata is still unsure about the inclusion of Moogles. The iconic little white creatures haven’t been programmed into the game yet, and Tabata is still unsure if he wants them or not. My two cents? Umm, it’s Final Fantasy. Of course you need Moogles!

Fishing information comes to us with a bit of relief. I’ve always hated “fishing” as a leveling up system and have enjoyed it more when it’s based on pure skill. Final Fantasy XV does just that, and you’ll be able to catch the big one from the very start, if you know what you are doing that is. Tabata also says you’ll be unable to fish in the sea, but after thinking about how much traveling by boat the heroes will be doing, he thought it might be a good inclusion.

Each of Noctis’ three BFFs have special skills and hobbies that might help them on the road. Prompto takes pictures with his smartphone, and you’ll be able to share his random photos with social media. It also plays into the story eventually. Gladio enjoys camping, hence the Coleman camping gear connection, and he enjoys fighting, meaning he’ll be the one to recommend fighting styles.

Nothing specific on Ignis yet.

Lastly, Tabata also dove into two female characters in the game, Luna and Gentiana. The game’s leading lady Luna is very strong and well respected throughout the land, and she uses her powers to fend off the “Plague of the Star,” a curse that will make the planet be forever shrouded in night. As you play the game, she becomes weaker, and the nights grow longer. If you’ve played the demo, you’ll know that playing at night is not fun. Noctis knows her from a period of recovery after an accident as a child.

Luna joins the party eventually as a guest character, and the same goes for the dark haired lady Gentiana, her bodyguard/assistant, and her dog, the one in the Dawn trailer.

Tabata closed with DLC talks, claiming that he wanted Gilgamesh and airships to appear as DLC options later down the line. He also wants players to beat the game before going too crazy with DLC, so it will have a timed release.

He claims a release date will be announced in March. Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.