It looks like we won’t be getting the new Final Fantasy XV “Judgement Disc” demo as it remains exclusively on Japanese shores. However, that has not stopped some outlets from downloading it anyway, fully enjoying the experience in Japanese.

DualShockers took a look at the demo over the weekend and released a series of screenshots comparing the four different graphical settings: through the PlayStation 4 Pro on maximum power, a lightweight PlayStation 4 Pro setting, a standard PlayStation 4, and of course, the Xbox One.

I agree with their findings that the Xbox One version is the blurriest of them all, especially in plants and hair, but that is because of a resolution issue that the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have. No doubt, Project Scorpio will fix that right up next year. Here are the images below.

Final Fantasy XV looks good no matter the platform

Don’t take this as the final say in anything, though. All four versions are brilliant and vibrant, and we’re sure that Final Fantasy XV will deliver an amazing experience no matter your platform of choice.

It launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.