Final Fantasy XV was a critical darling of the holiday season, surpassing expectations of a troubled development and scoring accolades around the industry. We called it one of our favorite games of 2016, and now two of the biggest names in Japanese video gaming have chosen it at their favorite game of 2016 as well.

First up is the creator of Final Fantasy XV himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Of course, he left Square Enix back in 2003 and hasn’t worked on a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy X-2. He’s kept a distance from the series since then, but he couldn’t hold back on his praise of the latest game when asked for his favorite game by 4Gamer.

I’m actually playing Final Fantasy XV, and it’s fun! By watching the movie, I was drawn into the world view even more.

Sakaguchi had previously praised the game and even helped get the hype train going at the Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event earlier in the year, despite no longer working for Square Enix.

And the big boss agree with him

Sakaguchi’s praise is certainly welcome, especially among longtime Final Fantasy fans, but there’s really nothing quite like having the president on your side. Sony Worldwide Studios boss also through his hat in the ring for Final Fantasy XV with a much longer justification for it being his choice.

Final Fantasy XV dropped the rules of the so-called JRPG, and I think it was successful in the bold attempt to redefine Final Fantasy on the same level with the current standard of RPG in the western industry with high action combat and open world.

The attitude “FF=Challenger” isn’t just about technology. I thought it was wonderful to share the situation of development by communicating directly with the users, and to convey the feeling of the world and the characters in advance with a movie and animation.

I think it’s a monumental achievement that will go down in the history of RPG, showing overseas game fan that the Japanese AAA gaming industry is also working hard.

Man, I really need to wrap this game up, don’t I? I love it to pieces though, and I want to drag it out as long as possible. Maybe I’ll get it finished before Gravity Rush 2 launches in January.