Final Fantasy XV Malboro

Man, can somebody get the Final Fantasy XV team a pair of Running Shoes? I think they need a permanent Haste spell to help get this game out in a timely fashion. Sorry, geek joke, but just to illustrate the slow tempo of reveals, Square Enix has released a single screenshot of the Malboro fight shown at Gamescom.

Not a batch of screenshots, just a single one.

It’s not a bad shot, though. Noctis and his buddies were wiped out by the Malboro at the convention, and here is our princely hero as the beast overpowers him. It’s definitely the most beautiful rendering of the popular creature, a familiar face since the series’ sophomore outing.

We won’t leave you hanging with just a single screenshot, though. Just for fun, let’s check out its evolution over the course of the series’ history.