Guess who just got back today! Christmas is over, but it seems like some major Japanese video game publisher is still in the giving mood. Square Enix has released a whole new batch of screenshots of Final Fantasy XV, and yup, it still looks amazing. Nothing new there.

No new content either as everything we see here was present in the trailer which debuted at JumpFesta earlier this month in Japan. Titan is still enormous, and we get an incredibly intimate look at his detailed knuckles and the soles of his feet. I hope Noctis is as skilled with that ridiculous looking sword as he appears to be. Overconfidence could be the death of him in this situation.

We also get another look at Cidney, Final Fantasy’s first “lady Cid.” Again, it’s a wonderful twist on the convention, and I can’t wait to hear her curse up a storm in true Cid fashion. I really hope she does!

I’m still trying to think of a good theme song for Final Fantasy XV though. Do we go with Thin Lizzy or Don Henley? Pick your poison! Which one is more brotacular?

Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.