As predicted, Final Fantasy XV came, saw, and conquered PAX West, making one of its final appearances at a convention before its release on Nov. 29. This latest build shows improvements on the performance, which has become the main focus for the team since a delay pushed its release date back two months.

The content shown at the live panel includes one of the game’s optional dungeons, the Balouve Mines, which can be found and accessed early in the game. Dangerous monsters and dastardly goblins will probably make you want to wait until your characters are a bit stronger. The goblins can steal your potions and use them against you if you’re not fast enough!

Elemental spells can be manipulated and crafted together to make deadly combinations, but the game’s elemental hazards can still cause a lot of problems. For example, casting “Fire” in a grassy area is never a good idea, nor is casting “Thunder” on a metal surface. Weapons can be inflicted with elements too, as well as items like standard potions.

The footage also shows more Chocobo racing and an infiltration mission at Niflheim base, climaxing with a battle against Magictek Armor.

DualShockers also approached Director Hajime Tabata at the panel and asked a handful of questions about the delay and the game’s performance.

DualShockers: Recently you have mentioned that the game is running close to 30 FPS on both PS4 and Xbox One, and that the team is working on stabilizing the frame rate. How confident are you that they will be successful in achieving stable 30 FPS on either or both consoles?

Hajime Tabata: That was part of the reasons why we extended the release date. When the actual consumers will have a chance to play the game, we don’t think they’ll find that to be an issue.

DS: Deciding to delay the game, even if just by a couple of months, can’t have been easy. How long ago did you realize that this was probably the best course of action? How difficult was it to convince the Square Enix’s executives that the game needed more time?

HT: The decision to extend the release date out happened just a little bit more the actual announcement to the public, and the time it actually took to arrive at this decision was very short. It was actually a pretty immediate decision that I made myself.

Convincing the executive in charge, which would be our CEO [Yosuke] Matsuda was pretty much instant. It didn’t take much convincing.

There were a couple of reasons for this: one of the reasons why our CEO Matsuda-san gave his immediate greenlight to move forward with this extension, was because looking at the game on a global scale, we wanted to make sure that we were able to deliver the same standard of quality across the board to everyone around the world. Looking at this from a Final Fantasy brand perspective it all made sense to him.

Final Fantasy XV launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29.