Final Fantasy XV (9)

We’ve all taken our jabs at the fashion statements made by Final Fantasy XV’s protagonist Noctis and his friends, but how quickly are you going to crumble at the chance to actually dress like them?

At $5,500, probably not anytime soon, but the option is still there. Square Enix has teamed up with Japan-based fashion company, Roen, to create a lineup of clothing based on two of the game’s leading male characters, Noctis and Prompto. They aren’t going to come as cheaply as a cosplayer’s creations either. See the full prices below the galleries.

Noctis Military Blouse – 162,000yen ($1443.53)
Noctis Military Cropped Trousers – 91,800yen ($818.00)
Noctis Leather Glove – 21,600yen ($192.47)
Noctis SOX – 3,240yen ($28.87)

Prompto Wappen Blouse – 237,600yen ($2,117.18)
Prompto Wappen Denim Pants – 91,800yen ($818.00)
Prompto Fingerless Gloves – 29,160yen ($259.84)
Prompto Bandana – 4,212yen ($37.53)

Wow, the bodyguard wears more expensive clothes than the prince? That’s weird.

Between Lightning “interviewing” and “modeling” for Louis Vuitton and now this move, it sounds like someone in the halls of Square Enix is a real fashion nut. But, hey! You have to recoup a decade of expenses somehow, I guess.