Final Fantasy XV has found surprising success in the chemistry of its lead and supporting characters. Not many expected Noctis and crew to strike such a chord with audiences, but it turns out, they have emerged as one of the biggest runaway successes of the year!

But, who is the standout? When polled by the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter page, 20,000 fans overwhelmingly picked out the game’s central male and female progatonists as the most popular characters in the game.

I’m inclined to disagree, but I’m still trodding through the game

I’ve fallen into the trap of getting hung up on the game’s sidequests and fetch-quests. I’ve sunk plenty of hours into it, but I haven’t reached a part of the story where I think Noctis surpasses his supporting cast. Gladio is my favorite so far, finding a way to combined bulk, brains, and loyalty into a single character, and I’m surprised how much I like Prompto. I’ve seen comparisons to Jar Jar Binks, which are horribly out of line. Michelangelo is a much better comparison.

As for the females, I haven’t really seen enough of them to make a call. They are often taking actions behind the scenes while the boys take center stage.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Who are your favorite jokesters of the bunch?