Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata recently gave his take on his game and its relation to the two upcoming video game consoles: the Nintendo Switch and Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio.”

When it comes to prioritizing these two consoles, Scorpio is clearly the favorite here, as he told DualShockers. An Xbox One version already is available for the public, and it indeed works. The tweaks it will need aren’t nearly as complex as porting the game to an entirely new console. The team is currently thinking of ways to support the game on the advanced hardware, and they are unsure of how to improve the game over the updates being made for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

As for the Switch, Tabata is unsure if the game will even run properly on the hardware. Nobody has run the tests yet, and despite many on the Final Fantasy XV team being Nintendo fans, no plans have been made to make the port a reality.

No mention of a Final Fantasy XV PC port

Nope, don’t even bother asking anymore. If it’s supposed to happen, it’ll happen. The Switch is much less likely than a PC port at this time. However, Square Enix has not yet given up on Nintendo yet, dedicating many Dragon Quest games to the console instead.