Seemingly everywhere these days, Final Fantasy showed up at PAX East this past weekend in a big way, showing off new footage from the upcoming Final Fantasy XV demo, “Episode Duscae.” Square Enix wants you to marvel at the grand scale of its world, the massive size of its monsters, the terrifying depths of its dark dungeons…

…and its highly detailed convenience stores.

Yes, I’ve had an eyebrow raised a few times at Final Fantasy XV’s strange choice of “urban fantasy,” as I like to call it, but this convenience store really hits that feeling home more so than ever before. In between battling massive yellow mammoth monsters and blasting away soldiers with magic, Noctis and his buddies can recharge at the local WaWa. Maybe grab a hoagie and a pack of Skittles while they are at it.

When you’ve spent your entire life looking out at the serrated city skyline, it’s easy to lose yourself in the sprawling Duscaen landscape. The prince and his retinue were halfway to Cauthess when their daydreams came to a sudden, screeching halt—the Regalia’s last gasp before giving out to the unpaved backroads.

Now they were truly lost in the landscape: broken down by the side of the road with the Disc well out of walking distance. The Archaean, Titan, would have to wait. He’d been dormant for ages anyway. The first order of business was getting back on four wheels.

Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” scored nearly unanimous praise from those who got to go hands-on with it at the show, making the 17th feel all the more distant. Just eight more days to go! You can play Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” by purchasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 17.