Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata is back at it, blowing away the video gaming audience’s minds by discussing development and actual criticisms of a Final Fantasy game while it is still in production. I mean, whoa, right? A new episode of Square Enix’s Active Time Report has the latest on the upcoming game and demo update.

In a new 2.0 patch for the Final Fantasy XV demo, Tabata has a whole range of improvements he says the team has made in response to fan criticisms. From smaller things like being able to buy and sell items in bulk, which should be common sense, to adding music to the overworld or improving the environmental sounds, Tabata leaves no rock unturned.

See the trailer for the new build below. It will be available on June 9 for those who have the demo downloaded.

Tabata also stresses that this game is no longer the same as Final Fantasy XIII Versus and is indeed a totally different experience. Stella, the heroine of Versus, has been scrapped in favor of the new heroine Luna, and the Crown City of Insomnia from the reveal trailer has been scrapped.

“We wanted to keep her as a heroine in Final Fantasy XV story and pursued ways to tie her in to Final Fantasy 15‘s design as well, but we found it increasingly difficult to make sense of Stella’s character and role within Final Fantasy XV So then we thought, do we want to recreate Stella with a different role and image, or do we want to start over with a new heroine? After a lot of consideration, we decided not to include Stella in Final Fantasy 15.

As we make these major changes, there are other characters that we introduced, like a woman with dark hair, and a female dragoon, that are still in the game with their own important roles within the story.”

Original scenario writer Kazuhige Nojima also chimed in on the changes:

“As director Tabata just announced, the plot that was developed during the Versus era has served as the basis for the Final Fantasy XV story. I’m sure the story will make many changes as they adapt my draft into a more detailed script, but I believe that the important things I wanted to express will be taken to another level by the XV team. As I express my support, I will be waiting for XV to be completed just like everyone else.”

Final Fantasy XV art tease

To close out, Tabata showed off an official artwork to tease gamers as to what he has planned next. Final Fantasy XV will not be attending E3 this year, but you can expect to find it at gamescom this August instead. It will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Trust me when I say that a PC release in inevitable at this point as well.