2015 is in full swing as we hit the halfway point of February, and my most anticipated release of the year is a demo! Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” looks to not only introduce us to the latest game changer in the iconic role-playing series but also continue Square Enix’s rich history of demos which date all the way back to the PlayStation days.

The company has announced a whole new wealth of information on its demo, which will be available for those who buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD out of the gate when it releases on March 17. Siliconera and Gematsu have the translation of the information from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

Apparently, Final Fantasy XV is taking a few cues from The Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls series and not just from its open-ended nature. Our heroes will fight to gain experience points in battle, as they have always done, but characters can only “level up” when they sleep around a campfire. Characters can also cook monster body parts and other ingredients to gain benefits the following day.

The higher your “cooking level,” the better the benefits.

In addition to the central Duscae region, our heroes can also head up into a highland area filled with trees and caves. Party members can explore to find rare treasures and equipment, but chances are they will also stumble across powerful monsters as well.

One such monster is Final Fantasy’s iconic Behemoth, which has been a staple of the series since the second game. Players can stumble across this beast in the forest, but it will take a lot of planning, and probably a lot of trial and error, to bring down. My guess is that this is the real lure of replaying the demo over and over again, your Emerald and Ruby Weapon of the free demo, if you will.

Final Fantasy II Behemoth Monster

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we?

I can’t wait. I’m excited for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but chances are I’m going to hold off on playing it until I comb every last corner of Final Fantasy XV’s map. Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” will be available for free for anyone who picks up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on March 17 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.