As promised, Square Enix delivered the new Final Fantasy XV “Dawn” trailer at gamescom, and as promised, I’ve got it here for you.

The three minute trailer acts as a prologue to the game, taking place a full fifteen years before its events unfold. Two scenes play out, one which shows Noctis’ kingdom having devolved into a police state where soldiers beat up women and patrol the streets armed with massive assault rifles.

The dog we had seen in previous materials does appear, but he sadly does not seem to affect the story in any way. Darn shame, too. He’s a cool lookin’ dog.

The second scene shows a young Noctis trying to catch some sleep on his kingly father’s shoulder, but his father weeps with grief, distraught with the cruel world his son will inherit. It’s a touching scene that drags on for a few awkward seconds too long before a giant shadowy creature appears in the cloudy sky. Its intentions remain unknown.

Nice trailer. Not the spectacle that previous trailers have been, but it gets to the emotional core of the story well enough. I’m starting to warm up to Noctis. Who knows? He might be a come-from-behind victory like Titus turned out to be.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.