Steel cases? Those are for suckers. Statues? Mere plebes by statues. No, the glorious among us scoop up their favorite video games with special cars valued at half-a-million dollars.

That’s the case for the Final Fantasy XV themed Audi R8. It’s being sold in Japan in order to hype up Final Fantasy XV, and it’s straight-up luxurious.

Now, this will be an extremely limited item. Only one will be sold, and the buyer will win the chance to drop 50,000,015 yen (not counting tax) for the car.

This is an undeniably neat special item for Final Fantasy XV

While I will personally never own anything like this, its wow-factor is undeniable. This is a super cool item, and the fan who manages to get it deserves to be excited.

Me? I’ll stick to unique costumes and skins for the games I really get excited about.