Final Fantasy XV is taking the franchise in some pretty liberal directions. However, some things never change, such as the timeless art of Chocobo racing.

In the latest footage from Tokyo Game Show 2015, Noctis and his friends ditch their sweet black ride off on the edge of the road do some off-roading with the iconic yellow birds. They race across the back roads, kicking up mud and catching up with a herd of monsters who run along side them. Is anybody getting raptor cycle flashbacks from this footage by the way?

As always, the cheerful song playing in the background is a remix of the classic Chocobo tune played in nearly every entry in the series. But where are they going? Not too far into their trek Noctis and his friends stumble across an old shack built over the top of a bayou.  They kick back their legs, drop a lure in the water, and waste the day away enjoying some back porch fishing.

All that’s missing is a six pack, and the battle theme playing in the background makes it seem much more epic than it really is. Seriously, are these guys trying to save the world? Aren’t they on the run from corrupted soldiers? This is lazier than Cloud and his friends breeding generations of Chocobos while Meteor looms in the sky.

Two classic RPG staples have found their way into Final Fantasy XV, a game which is alienating quite a few old-school fans with its modern day approach. I’m still a believer, even more so now that I’ve seen the Metal Gear Solid world in an open world setting, but I remain to be entirely convinced that this can spread over an entire RPG length game.

Final Fantasy XV will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.