Final Fantasy XV might be an absolutely insane video game with little to no clue as to the world or age it has been born into. But one thing is certain about it. No matter what it sets out to achieve, it doesn’t skimp on anything.

Footage from the recent beta for the online multiplayer portion of the game is coming out left and right, and many are blown away by the level of detail found in the character creation system itself. Square Enix shared both male and female design options in a pair of videos, and needless to say, you can create some pretty cool cats.

Essentially, you start off not by selecting a generic face and going from there but rather by selecting from two ancestors and seeing the results of their genealogy. From there, reports suggest that you have a far-reaching control over just about every aspect of the face and body.

The beta client can be downloaded now through the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, the beta is only open to those who purchased the season pass. Another round of beta testing is expected to start next week. The full multiplayer portion of the game will be made available for free through an upcoming coming later this year.