I’m not sure how anybody could ever get tired of Noctis and his charming group of bodyguards, but there are those out there who like to bring a slice of customization into their video games. Eventually, these players are going to be able to create their own playable avatar in Final Fantasy XV, and this is the first glimpse we’ve seen of it.

DualShockers had a bit of a field day at Square Enix headquarters this week, and they wrapped up their visit with the massive interview published this week. Interesting stuff, but the most telling of the quotes deals with the character creation system. When prompted, Director Hajime Tabata had this to say.

The character creation function is actually in the works right now, however is not something that we can just show off, as it would probably not wow your readers at this stage. However, what we’re doing right now is not just implementing a character creation feature, but we want to combine that with a multiplayer feature, so that players can not only create a new character, but also bring it in multiplayer.

Right now, the current stage of development lets you change the character and morph it into another character that looks very different.

All that was provided was a single still image, but it’s enough to get our excitement going.

Create your own bro for the other bros to brotect

The possibilities seem a bit endless at this point, and I’m hoping that the clothing and accessories provide a lot of options. Dressing up my characters in JRPGs has become an obsessive hobby of mine recently, and I want to make the most ridiculous combinations imaginable.

My ultimate goal is to make a character who looks like Noctis in the game’s closing CG shot, because it sure doesn’t look like his character model in the least.