Final Fantasy XV Sean

Who needs full releases this spring when a new Final Fantasy demo is inbound?! Flashbacks to Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XII’s demo still bring a smile to my face, so I’m hoping this latest entry in the long running RPG series can do the same.

That being said though, the content of the demo has just taken a major hit with Square Enix confirming that the most interesting character from the trailers is not going to be appearing in the game. No, definitely not Noctis. Not his tongue-spewing father or even “lady Cid.”

I mean that car! Everyone just loves the scenery-chomping car so much that is has become the Internet’s best video game meme since the Luigi death stare. See above!

Director Hajime Tabata explains the reasoning in a statement to Polygon.

“Originally we were planning on making the car be available to drive throughout the world and throughout the demo. But we didn’t want people to mistake it and think ‘When did Final Fantasy become a driving game?'”

“You’ll be able to experience the starting point of what an open-world Final Fantasy would potentially feel like. You’ll really be able to experience that seamless Final Fantasy world within the demo itself, but then if you play it, you’ll still really get a sense that it’s a Final Fantasy game. You’ll get that balance within the demo.”

It’s a shame, but at least it hasn’t been cut from the final game! We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to go cruising around in our sweet black ride. For now, all we have are the bro-squad, Metallica rejects to sell us on Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV cast

…yeah, I really can’t wait for the car. You can play the Final Fantasy XV demo by picking up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 on March 17.