For all the extensive questioning as to how it would be possible to cover the cost of making Final Fantasy XV, we ultimately walk away with an impressive but pretty boring answer. One day was all it took for Square Enix to make up for the development costs. After a single day, the game became profitable.

Director Hajime Tabata confirmed this in an interview with DualShockers, and it doesn’t seem too farfetched of a claim. After all, it launched to the tune of an impressive 5 million copies after a single day, which was more than anybody had anticipated, even Square Enix. According to Tabata, the company originally planned for the game to still be making up for its development cost at this point.

Does that include time for Final Fantasy XIII Versus, too?

Technically, Final Fantasy XV only had about two or two and half years in development under its current title. After spending nearly a total decade in development under the name Final Fantasy Versus XIII as well, the claim becomes a bit murkier. Tabata has expressed that the two games were considered separate at Square Enix, at least in his mind, and that they didn’t cross development phases.

Does this include budgets, as well? I can see 5 million copies making up for the game after two years of development, but making up for an entire decade of development? That’s an entirely different story.

Either way, all money being aimed towards Final Fantasy XV is currently only making Square Enix’s accountants and, as a natural extension, executives happy. Support the game if you want to let Square Enix know that we want more from this legendary franchise.