Hey, it's been a while since we checked in with Final Fantasy XV. Let's see how things are goin… oh boy. Yup, Director Hajime Tabata and friends are up to the usual shenanigans with a brand new weapon that will rock your world.

So, Square Enix, what's the new ridiculous weapon you want me to chase down this time? The "Afrosword?" And it's not related to Afro Samurai in any way? Intriguing. What does it do? It's a sword that doubles as a DJ deck and changes the background music when it is equipped?

Okay, I'm game, let me see it in action.

… okay. I'll bite.

Final Fantasy XV is the gift that keeps on giving

I hope Square Enix never finishes with this game. Just make ridiculous nonsense until the end of time, and you'll always have me coming back. I can only imagine the contents of a physical Perfect Edition in a year or so. Cup Noodle Hats and DJ Deck swords, what will we think of next?

Some Final Fantasy enthusiast 30 years in the future is going to wonder… what the actual heck was Square Enix doing with this one?

The "Afrosword" will be available on April 27. You can find it in one of the game's timed events.