With Fire Emblem Fates out of the way, I’ve been spending my train time recently blasting through Final Fantasy IV Advance, and it’s a firm reminder of why I’ve loved the series through the good times and the bad. And the more I hear about Final Fantasy XV, the more I believe we’re going to be back on the upswing once again in the coming years.

Director Hajime Tabata has released a few tidbits of information on the upcoming game, one of which states that the game’s main scenario has been increased from 40 hours to 50 hours long. His team is currently working on getting the framerate to run at a constant 30fps.

Final Fantasy fans also received news about a few staples of the franchise they have been wondering about for a while: airships and Cactuars. Tabata confirmed that the game will feature airships, and the team has determined how they will be implemented.

Cactuars, Final Fantasy’s cute and speedy cactus monsters, will also make an appearance in the game, and they will be fast enough to dodge many of Noctis’ warp abilities.


Tabata also talked about fishing, which Noctis will gradually get better at over the game as both a gameplay mechanic and a part of the story, and cooking, which the development team actually cooked themselves before scanning the food into the game.

We’re five days away from release date news, expected to be announced during a March 30 broadcast, and I’m as psyched as I’ll ever get. Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.