Interested in Final Fantasy XV? Want to learn a bit more about the game’s mechanics directly from Square Enix?A wonderful trailer that fills that need sits below.

Square Enix has released the “101 Trailer Extended Cut” for Final Fantasy XV, and it covers “the characters, gameplay mechanics and more found in the living breathing world.” Here’s the clip.

Final Fantasy XV has roped me back in

Unlike our own Ron Duwell, I have a very on-and-off relationship with Final Fantasy. I don’t play every game in the series. I actually only pop my head up when an offering is either unique or scoring rounds of exceedingly high praise.

In fact, the last Final Fantasy game that I can say I genuinely loved was Tactics.

Final Fantasy XV looks unique enough to pull me back in. The setting, the road trip idea, the real-time battle mechanics, that all sounds interesting to me. Make no mistake, Square Enix could launch a blunder of a Final Fantasy game with XV. The company has managed to attract my attention as a sometimes fan, though, and I’ll be picking this one up at launch.

Final Fantasy XV drops on November 29, 2016.