It has been a mere six months since Final Fantasy XIII came out (nine months in Japan), and next week the premium version of Final Fantasy XIV is hitting shelves for PC gamers.  If this tells us anything, it's that the online games in this series really should be taken out of the normal numbering system.

It has bee slightly over half a decade since he release of Final Fantasy XI, the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in this famous series, which is actually still receiving support from Square Enix.  With Final Fantasy XIV mere days away, I'm thinking this could lead to some confusion int he marketplace, and hence my thinking that starting with the last MMORPG the numbering shoul dhave been changed to something like "Final Fantasy Online" or "Final Fantasy Role-Playing" and start the numbering with those names.

Final Fantasy XIVMy fear is that with XIII still fresh on the shelves, and we're going into the holiday shopping season we could see some disappointed kids as they open a gift and go, "Oh, I meant the other one …".  True, XIV is only available on the PC until next March, which means the odds of this happening are low, it could still happen.

Both XI and XIV just feel so different from the rest of the series that it seems like they are completely different creatures.  And I also obviously know that things aren't going to change at this stage, but still something interesting to ponder.

All that said … I wouldn't care what they called it if the whole game looked like that cinematic trailer; what a gorgeous piece of work.  Of course it won't look anywhere close to this in the game, but oh well, it's just too pretty to look at to not appreciate it.

What say you?  Should Square Enix have separated Final Fantasy XIII and XIV by more time, or perhaps gone with a different naming system?